Our Mission Statement:

A business world of stable and successful ethical enterprises taking responsibility for people and the environment.

By promoting and implementing the principles of efficiency, service and leadership, this is accomplished.

We accept that true success is based on honesty and social and environmental responsibility.

Together we are creating a better world!

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Gerhard Schwandt Senior Partner  
Markus Vogel Senior Partner www.markusvogel.com
Wolf Strobel Affiliate www.top-consulting.Info
Michael Niehues Affiliate www.niehues.pro
Eckart Schwieweck Affiliate www.eckartschieweck.de
Kristin Tomczak Affiliate www.kristintomczak.com
Zemira Jones Affiliate www.manta.com
Willie Jolley Affiliate www.williejolley.com
Ron Suiter Affiliate www.ventanasystems.com