Efficiency Analysis

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Instructions: Make sure you understand each question; read it as many times as necessary. Please answer ALL questions, one after the other, by marking a, b, c or d. At each question, choose that answer, which in your opinion fits best or comes closest to what would be a correct answer.

Input: You can use the mouse or the numerical keys 1 for a), 2 for b), 3 for c) and 4 for d).


Do you occasionally feel that your working day has not enough hours?

  a) Yes, now and then
b) Yes, quite frequently
c) No, the time I have is enough to do my job

Do you sometimes think that you should have achieved more in the same amount of time?

  a) Yes, now and then
b) Yes, I think that quite often
c) No, most of the time I achieve what I intend to do

Do you work on several things at the same time?

  a) Yes, one can hardly avoid that
b) No, one of my principles is to do one task (or work) after the other
c) No, I always put them into categories of importance or priority

Is it easy for you to relax in the evening or on the weekend without thinking about business matters?

  a) I force myself to do so
b) Yes, I am able to enjoy myself and relax at any time
c) No, business matters are too important

Do you occasionally feel exhausted or lacking energy during or after work?

  a) Only when I often get interrupted at work
b) No, very seldom
c) Yes, that happens every once in a while

When you have completed an action or a task, do you feel so relaxed that you could lay your feet on the table for ten minutes?

  a) Yes, indeed
b) No, there is still too much to do
c) Yes, but I keep thinking of what still needs to be done
7. Do you often suffer from stress or time pressure?
  a) Yes, you can say that again
b) No, I still have some time at my disposal
c) I mostly finish things off just in time

How does your desk (work area) look like?

  a) Piles everywhere
b) Rather orderly
c) Neat and empty

Do you have backlogged (accumulated) tasks waiting to be done?

  a) Yes, there is still a lot of work that should be done
b) No, I'm up to date with my work
c) Yes, but only a few unimportant things

Are you often absent-minded at work?

  a) I keep thinking about all kinds of things
b) No, it is easy for me to concentrate on my work
c) With some effort I can keep my mind on the job

You approach tedious or uncomfortable tasks with this kind of an attitute:

  a) “It will handle itself after some time”
b) “Somebody else can (or should) do that”
c) “I do it at once so that it is done”

Do you look forward to the coming working day?

  a) Usually yes
b) No, I am ready for a vacation
c) “Looking forward to it” would be too enthusiastic an expression

By what do you judge people, employees or colleagues?

  a) By their training, position or status
b) By what they really get done
c) By what they say about themselves

How do you normally relay communications or requests?

  a) In writing
b) By phone
c) By seeing the person concerned or having her or him come to my office

What do you do when you don't know how to handle something?

  a) I study the manuals, textbooks or similar material
b) I ask someone who knows about the subject or thing
c) I try to cope with it myself by trial and error

Do you plan in advance what you intend to accomplish that day?

  a) Yes, but often some other things crop up
b) No, I get everything done during the day
c) Yes and I usually happen to complete everything

Do you often stay at your job after working hours, because you don’t get your work done otherwise?

  a) Yes, that's the rule
b) No, I get everything done during the day
c) No, but there is always some work left undone

Do you use drawers, shelfs or the closet as places to store unfinished work or things?

  a) No
b) Occasionally
c) Yes

Emergencies or unplanned urgent tasks

  a) are considerably irritating me
b) are annoying but they get done
c) are rather considered as a challenge by me

Who is mostly solving the problems in your company (in your department)?

  a) I myself
b) The employee concerned
c) That depends

Do you normally achieve the targets you've set?

  a) Yes
b) Not in any case
c) At the moment some difficulties exist at this

Does your work frequently make you feel nervous?

  a) A little, but I don’t let it show
b) Yes, from time to time it’s getting to much for me
c) No, I feel to be in control of everything

How often do you normally take up a letter, a communication, request etc. before the matter is fully completed?

  a) More than three times
b) Two to three times
c) Once

Do you sometimes miss an important deadline or appointment?

  a) No, almost never
b) Yes, that happens
c) Yes, but rarely

I try to solve problems

  a) by taking immediate action
b) by considering and thinking about the situation
c) by waiting how things develop

How long do you put off unpleasant tasks or decisions?

  a) Some days
b) Some weeks
c) Not more than one day
d) As long as possible

Do problems frequently take you by surprise?

  a) Yes, sometimes I ask myself how that could have happened
b) No, normally I do something about them in time
c) I usually cope with difficulties one way or the other

How many employees do you feel you can easily manage?

  a) Up to five
b) Five to fifty
c) More than fifty
d) To manage people seems difficult to me

How do you normally make your decisions?

  a) I usually sleep on it first of all
b) At once on the spot
c) After some consideration

How far do you plan into the future?

  a) I have trust in my fate
b) I do short range planning (days or weeks)
c) I work on long range projects that can take years